The KING CROC has arrived

See it to believe it.

Weighing in at a whopping 750 kgs and measuring over 5m in length, this massive wonder of the animal kingdom has finally arrived at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.  

Originally spotted measuring only 2.4m in length and dubbed a ‘problem’ crocodile by the locals, the soon to be King Croc was quickly moved from the Botanic Gardens that he had taken over, to a more protected environment located in Queensland, Australia.

750 Kgs: Weighing as much as 14 and a half fully-grown men— very BIG men— the King Croc is one of the largest reptiles in protected environments today.

3,700 POUNDS PSI: The Saltwater crocodile has the highest bite force of any animal known to man.

150 Kgs: The King Croc's head alone weighs just over 150 kgs -  that's roughly 30 of our own heads combined.

60 PEARLY WHITES: Dense, razor-sharp and the size of your average index finger.

OVER 5M IN LENGTH: Measuring the length of 6 fully-sized supermarket shopping carts - the King Croc is one of the largest reptiles to ever be in a protected environment.

Nature's most feared and powerful reptile

Regular meals and a protected environment provided King Croc with the perfect conditions to become one of nature’s most feared and powerful reptiles to ever to live.

Already one of the largest in the world, the King Croc is expected to grow much bigger over the next 50 years.

Australian Saltwater crocodiles feed primarily on fish, small reptiles and wading birds, but have also been known to feed on much larger prey, such as wild pig and water buffalo. Labelled a 'problem' crocodile due to his aggressive nature, the King Croc must remain in a protected environment to avoid potential conflicts with other male crocodiles and humans.

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