Animal Program

The new Animal Care program at The Ocean School is a specialised program for students who are keen to learn the importance of animal care. Students aged 6 to 18 years will be introduced to the basic principles and value of caring for, and training animals as an introduction to the broader world of animal husbandry.

The program offers an interactive, informative, and inspiring journey through Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, where students will learn about varied aquatic environments and interact with a diverse range of marine life. Students will also get exclusive access to the Back-of-House area, where they will learn about the behind-the-scenes operations of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The program is split into three separate age groups to cater to the interests and learning processes of children of different ages.

Animal Care-1

This program is especially designed for children in grades 1-3 to learn the basics of how to care for animals. Students will develop their knowledge, personal skills, and ability to be compassionate and offer care to living animals.

Animal Care-2

This program is geared towards children in grades 4-6. It will provide students with the opportunity to learn the importance of animal enrichment and training, to better understand the behaviour of non-human animals, and to learn what animals need to survive. 

Animal Care-3

This program invites students in grades 7-9 to explore, research, and apply different aspects of animal husbandry and its principles. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to read and interpret ethograms, to understand the different reasons why training is important, and to appreciate the benefits of animal enrichment programs.

Program Factsheet

Zones visited:



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  • Educational workbook that can be discussed in the classroom.
  • New knowledge and an invaluable experience!
  • Return voucher