A vibrant learning experience that will leave a lasting impression on students

It's the school excursion that's totally out of this world. The Ocean School Education Programme at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a vibrant learning experience that will leave a lasting impression on students and teachers alike. There's never been a better opportunity to plan a field trip! School programmes have been designed to cater to all age groups.


Q: What time should we arrive for The Ocean School Education Programme?
A: To ensure that students experience and benefit from all aspects of the education programme, we ask that you arrive at The Dubai Mall at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled visit. This will allow enough time to make your way through The Dubai Mall to the Underwater Zoo located on level 2 of The Dubai Mall.
Q: Where can the school bus park?
A: School buses can drop the students and teachers at the Grand Atrium and then proceed to any of the Parking zones in The Dubai Mall. For the ease and comfort of the students, the school bus may come back to the Grand Atrium to pick up the students at the end of the education programme.

Q: What is the meeting point for the education programme?
A: Teachers and students are requested to make their way towards the Underwater Zoo on Level 2 at The Dubai Mall. The Ocean School Educator will meet and greet you at the entrance of the Underwater Zoo.
Q: Can the students carry their school bags with them during the programme?
A: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo does not recommend students to carry school bags. We do not have storage facilities for school bags and school accessories at the Underwater Zoo.

Q: Do you have any Food & Beverage facilities at The Ocean School?
A: While we do not have any Food & Beverage facilities inside, there is a Food Court located next to the exit of Underwater Zoo on Level 2. Should you wish to take your students after the education programme.

Please note, for proper supervision of the students during the visit, all accompanying teachers and adults must remain with their students throughout the duration of the programme.

Terms & Conditions


  • In the event of any cancellations, visiting schools must notify Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in writing at least 7 days prior to their visit to avoid the incurrence of any cancellation fees.  

  • Any cancellations by the visiting schools 72 hours prior to their booking date will incur an additional cancellation fee of 20% on their entire group booking fee.  

  • In order to reschedule a visit, visiting schools will need to provide Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo with a minimum notice period of 72 hours in order to avoid incurring a Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo administration fee of 20% to their booking fees for the new rescheduled dates.

  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo reserves the right to cancel or close the facility resulting in the cancelling of The Ocean School education programmes at any time for any reason and for however long. In this event, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo will provide visiting schools a minimum notice period of 48 hours and accordingly respective schools will be provided with the options to either reschedule their visit to an alternative date or cancel their visit and be solely reimbursed for their advance booking fee. For the avoidance of doubt, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo shall have no liability whatsoever including but not limited to, travel expenses or any other out of pocket expenses, which may be incurred by the visiting school.

  Payment Policy

  • Full payment is made on the day of the visit for the total number of students booked prior to the commencement of The Ocean School education programme.  

  • Payment may be made via cash, credit card or cheque in the name of “Emaar Retail LLC”.  

  • In the event the number of students originally booked is higher/lower than the actual number in attendance on the day of the visit and payment of the booking fee is made via a cheque, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo will process the booking fee for the number of students in actual attendance.

  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo will provide the respective visiting school with a reimbursement of the remaining amount in the form of a cheque within 30 working days of the visit.

Visitor Safety

All visitors using the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo facilities are doing so at their own risk, and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo will not be responsible nor liable for their health or security.     


All intellectual property rights of the course materials of Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and The Ocean School education programme belong to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and may not be reproduced or distributed for any purpose whatsoever.