Early Childhood Programmes

Our early childhood program offers a stimulating environment for young learners aged 1 to 5 years. The program’s focus around teaching concepts such as Colour, Pattern, Sequencing, Language, and My Place in the Environment make it the perfect learning venue for these young learners.

The program offers an interactive, informative, and inspiring journey through Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, where students will learn about varied aquatic environments and interact with a diverse range of marine life. You will be able to choose from four different focus areas that highlight different topics, from animal behaviour, to adaptation, to conservation, and even resident species of the U.A.E.

Shark Parade

“S” is for shark! Why are sharks so important to the oceans? This program focuses on environmental awareness by building connections between students, animals and the environment. Hands on activities give a fun introduction to preserving the planet.

Crocodile Parade

Snap! Snap! Learn more about the fascinating world of crocodiles through fun stories, games and activities that will introduce young learners to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo’s newest resident, King Croc. 

Turtle Parade

Take the plunge as we learn about turtles and what we can do to help them survive in the wild. Enjoy stories, games and puzzles that teach about these jewels of the sea. 

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