The Ocean School Education Programme

Conservation Programs

These focus on a variety of global environmental issues such as habitat loss, pollution, climate change, poaching, and overfishing. By focusing on how these events affect animals and their environments, students will learn about various conservation principles that build awareness and inspire action to protect, promote, and preserve our planet.

Jewels of Arabia Programs

Designed to showcase the amazing habitats and species of the UAE. Topics of study include mangroves, deserts, and wadis. Students will learn about dozens of resident species including the Arabian Oryx, Flamingos, Sea Turtles, and many more. Local traditions and UAE culture, including the history of pearl diving are also highlights of the program.

Survivor Programs

Focused on the adaptations that animals use to survive. They address several questions such as what animals do to thrive as individuals or in groups, how they find food and protect themselves from the environment and predators, and why some are suited to cold weather while others are native to hot climates, among others.

Early Childhood Programs

Perfect for young learners, these are based on teaching concepts such as Color and Pattern, Sequencing, Language, and My Place in the Environment. The programs offer an interactive, informative, and inspiring journey through Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

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