Underwater Zoo

Explore a fascinating aquatic world

Continue your journey at the Underwater Zoo and learn more about what amazing creatures inhabit both our rivers and oceans.

Located on Level Two above the Aquarium tank, Underwater Zoo leads you through three ecological Zones; Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living Ocean.

Watch out for these aquatic creatures at Underwater Zoo: Otters, Piranha, Lionfish, Giant Spider Crabs, Seahorses, Garden Eels, Archerfish, Water Rats, Paddlefish, Cichlids and many more amazing aquatic animals in 40 individual aquatic displays.

Rocky Shore

This is where the land meets the sea, a rugged, harsh environment where only the tough survive. If you don’t mind getting your hands wet, you can also reach out and touch some of the hardier rock pool inhabitants.


Imagine walking along the banks of a pristine river bed surrounded by some of the most incredible freshwater animals alive. Dangerous Piranha, Giant Catfish, playful Otters, and Water Rats are just some of the animals you’ll meet here.

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