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Let’s Gentoo!

In 2010, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo was the first facility in the region to introduce Gentoo penguins. The flightless charismatic birds are brought back today through an ultra modern exhibit and an encounter that will enhance the visitors experience like no other, thus setting a new benchmark.

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Gentoo penguins came from a facility in the USA, in the wild, they can be found in their natural habitat around the Antarctic peninsula and Subantarctic islands. We have a purpose built temperature controlled facility to replicate the Subantarctic environmental conditions. Our air temperature is kept between 2 and 4 degrees celcius and our water temperature is between 5 and 7 degrees. We also have a special lighting system that replicates their annual light cycle. Penguin winter time is during our summer! The exhibit is multi-level and has lots of exciting areas for the penguins to climb on and explore, including a slide into the pool.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to a total of 16 beautiful Gentoo penguins – 8 male, 8 female. A visit to the “Penguin Cove” will be part of the Aqua Nursery experiences tickets as a first step until the launch of the “Penguin Encounter” by early August. The all-new immersive encounter allows guests to step inside the Penguin Cove habitat and go face-to-feather with the colony of live Gentoo penguins while learning about their fascinating natural behaviors.

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